- #fckit ik what needs to be done


The moment when you don’t know what to do. I mean I kinda do but still urghhhh.


- now that I’m in bed I kinda don’t wanna get up. Specially if this plan gunna fail.


- I don’t take it well when ppl got me fck’d up

Non-official day

Spent the day training and such. Basically just learned what I gotta do nsh pretty much a piece of cake since Ik all the reset bs. Shops pretty chill, ahhhh dude the vibe is so much better there. I actually went to sleep early for once LMAOO, but can’t wait to finally leave STS. Way more business at Acura tickets just keep flying in. Gunna be a good next couple of months 🙏👏👏🙏. Also got some other stuff under wraps but that for another day.

Finally last full week of work on Saturday

- turninn up on Saturday!!!!